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iOS’ Google Maps app gets an update

Google Maps’ navigation application is constantly improving, and the latest update has made it that much better with real-time route updates.

While travelling, if a faster route becomes available to you, the application will display a pop-up alert and ask if you’d like to take the faster route.

The application takes into consideration traffic updates and road conditions to bring you the fastest route possible at any given moment. This is pretty incredible, when you consider that the application is 100% free, and is one of the top mobile navigation solutions on the market.

The update for iOS rolled out only a short while after it became available for Android phones, so it seems like Google is looking to make their software more relevant on iOS devices.

Many might consider this a smart strategy from Google. If users become dependent on Google’s free services and apps and then Google, one day, decides to take it away, jumping ship to Android might become a more appealing option. This is all speculation, at this point, however. In the meantime, anybody here love using Google maps on their iPhone?

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