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Internet Explorer 9 Beta coming out in an hour or so (Update – it’s out)

Tonight Microsoft is taking a press-conference to present its latest version of Internet Explorer. IE9 beta will become available to the public right after that. The conference will begin in an hour (06:30pm London time – you can do your own math).

According to Microsoft, Internet Explorer 9 will be the first web browser using full hardware acceleration. It will consume much less system resources than Firefox and Chrome, which are supposed to use only partial acceleration.

Mozilla has already stated Firefox 4 will be much better than IE9, but winner is yet to be determined.

Anyway, keep an eye on this link, because Internet Explorer 9 Beta will become available shortly. Microsoft promises it’s almost done, so you shouldn’t expect bugs, crashes or strange behavior.

You can check out the IE9 Beta review over at Engadget. It seems Google Chrome is still better.

Update: You can download IE9 beta from here.


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