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Intel’s Ivy Bridge architecture now available on more affordable processors

Intel has released its latest budget line of desktop processors, and the Core i3 has joined the ranks of the throwback Celeron and Pentium processors.

The new Core i3-3210 looks to give you some great Ivy Bridge performance at a very competitive price.

The latest lineup also moves the aforementioned Celeron and Pentium CPU’s from last-generation’s Sandy Bridge line into the realm of Ivy Bridge, with some low-power “T” variants being able to run at a TDP of just 35 Watts.

All of the new budget line will be able to run on existing socket 1155 motherboards, with the Core i3-3210 having the added benefit of integrated HD 2500 graphics, AVX instruction support, and Hyper-threading technology at an MSRP of $117.

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