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Intel sees a 5th consecutive quarter of record revenue, earns over $3 billion

The world’s largest chip maker, Intel, has posted its Q2 2011 financial results and has reported that this was their 5th consecutive quarter with record revenue. The company has done great to score revenue of $13 billion, which is 1% higher than in previous quarter and 21% better than in the same quarter of last year.

However, the $3 billion dollar profit is 7% lower than what the company achieved in Q1 of this year and only 2% higher compared to Q2 of 2011. The earnings per share have also dropped 4% sequentially to 54 cents and while this is still a 6% increase Year-on-Year, it has had a negative impact on the Intel stock (down almost 2% in the after hours trading).

Over the past three months the PC and data center components in the Intel portfolio did well growing 11% and 15% respectively, compared to Q2 2010. The Atom processors, however, are down 15%, as tablets continue to eat into netbook sales. The AMD new lineup of APU processors for netbooks has probably contributed to the Atom woes, too.



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