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Intel to report strong Q4 financial results

Intel is expected to report quarterly numbers unseen since 2003. If you have shares in the company you can anticipate earnings of $0.66 per piece on a projected revenue of $14.7 billion, according to market analysts at FactSet.

With around 60% of the company’s revenue coming from PC sales, favorable events in the software world have meant a successful year with another one to come.

The tablet simply isn’t ready to replace the good old PC yet, and its death hasn’t taken place as some speculated. Instead, PC sales have stabilized. Part of the reason is Microsoft finally ending support for Windows XP in 2014, which pushed some organizations into buying new hardware. The expected release of Windows 10 this year could help amplify this trend.

The global shift from local storage in favor of cloud options is expected to result in profits for Intel’s server division as well. The numbers of its mobile division still look grim though.



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