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Instagram for iPhone updated for iOS 7

Instagram has released a new update for the iPhone version of their app, which has been redesigned to go with the new iOS 7 update that started rolling out last week.

The first thing you’ll notice in this update is that the design is now flatter with the gradients being replaced by solid uniform colors. Oddly, though, the camera interface still is the same, with the curved glossy shutter button, not to mention the icon, which is also the same and inconsistent with other iOS 7 icons.

Other than the flat UI, you’ll also notice that the images now extended from edge to edge and that the profile images appear circular, which is how they look in iOS 7 Contacts and Messages app as well.

While it’s nice that Instagram has been quick to update the iPhone app so quickly for iOS, we are still waiting for an iPad version of the app, along with a proper Android app that uses the Holo interface guidelines and doesn’t look like a port of the iPhone version. And of course, an app for Windows Phone.



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