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You can get in Usain Bolt’s running shoes in Temple Run 2, available as an in-app purchase

Temple Run franchise is one of the most popular arcade running games in the market beyond any shadow of doubt. The different avatars in the game, which lets you run through the temple streets trying to escape the horde of monkeys in the original Temple Run or the giant ape as in the Temple Run 2 is the main mojo of the game.

Imangi Studios, the developers of the game have now introduced a new character – namely the one of the sprinter Usain Bolt, two times Olympic gold medalist, in its Temple Run 2 game play in an attempt to promote its game.

The fastest man on the planet is available for a limited time for 99 cents as an in-app purchase and the character comes with a special ability – the electric bolt shield, which turns on the boost as well as the coin magnet.

Temple Run 2 is available on Android, iOS and Amazon Kindle Fire and can be downloaded from their respective app stores.



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