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iCEnhancer mods for GTA IV take the game’s visuals to a whole new level

Other than being a great game, Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto IV for PC is also known for being extremely moddable, with a ton of mods released since the game was released back in the day. iCEnhancer has been one of them and focuses mainly on the game’s visuals. And what a job it does.

With the release of the v2.5 Alpha, the developers have turned the eye-candy all the way up to almost photorealistic levels. The textures, the lighting and the reflections are at a whole new level altogether, with some motion blur and depth of field added for good measure.

You are probably going to need a supercomputer to run the game with these visuals on but it’s impressive what you can do in games these days and the dedication of the modders is commendable.



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