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HTC to remove certain apps from Gingerbread for Desire, will let you download them separately

Now that HTC has finally made up its mind that it will be giving Gingerbread to Desire users, they still have to take care of that little problem which made them deny it in the first place. The Desire has only 512MB ROM which is not enough to contain all the awesomeness of Gingerbread, along with HTC’s Sense UI.!/htc/status/81205297317806080

So as a result, the company has decided that they will be removing certain apps from the OS to make it fit on the Desire. They haven’t exactly given a list of what they will be removing as it is still being decided, however, they have been kind enough to let the users know that they will be able to download the applications separately from the Android Market.!/htc/status/81208527397466112



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