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HTC Mozart microSD slot revealed, there’s an 8GB Class 4 card inside

Another Windows Phone 7 running device is proven guilty of using hidden microSD slot with embedded card instead of integrated flash memory. HTC Mozart’s storage turns out to be an 8GB microSD SanDisk Class 4 card.

In case you want to upgrade it, you’ll first need to tear down the whole phone and then do some software tricks to make it work.

In case you are an HTC Mozart owner and you’re determined to replace the 8 gig card with something better you’ll first need to open the phone and access the memory slot. If you manage to assemble your phone back properly, then reset to factory settings and you’re ready to go.

HTC Mozart’s microSD card slot

If you are sure you can handle all this, go ahead but just so you know, that will void your warranty.



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