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HTC Jetstream online in AT&T store, live pics, video and benchmarks inside

The HTC Jetstream is now official and heading to AT&T with LTE connectivity, 10.1″ screen, a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 1 gig of RAM, 8 MP camera on its back and HTC Sense on top of its Android Honeycomb OS. It’s a very appealing slate by any standards. But it’s steep – prices start from $699.99 on a two-year deal.

We were also treated to the first batch of live pictures of the Jetstream, along with a quick hands-on video and finally two some benchmarks to show how powerful its hardware actually is.

We start with the live shots of the Jetstream (previously knows as Puccini).

HTC Jetstream live photos

And here’s a multi-threaded Linpack score. It does beat most of its competitors (including the Galaxy Tab 10.1), but falls a little short of the Lenovo IdeaPad K1.

However at An3DBench it falls slightly behind competition, despite the fact that its dual-core processor is clocked at the impressive 1.5GHz.

Finally we give you a short video demonstration of the Jetstream. You’ll get a nice taste of that Honeycomb goodness topped with a little Sensible HTC adjustments.

The Jetstream is available at AT&T’s online store for a berserk price. You can get it on a two-year contract for a whopping $699.99 or $849.99 without commitment.

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