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HTC details the process behind issuing Android updates in an infographic

There is a long and complicated process behind issuing Android updates to devices. A lot happens behind the scenes between Google releasing the source code and the update being pushed to your device. The process is even longer if yours is a carrier branded device.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t aware of this process, which results in unrealistic expectations when it comes to how soon we can receive the latest Android updates on non-Nexus devices. Fortunately for us, HTC has released a giant infographic that details every step in this process for our reading pleasure.

The infographic talks about how an update goes through every step and how the steps differ depending upon whether you have a carrier locked device, an unlocked or developer device or a Google Play edition device. The carrier branded device naturally has several extra steps between HTC integrating the update with its Sense UI and it being pushed to your device, with the Google Play edition going through the fewest steps, which is exactly why the HTC One GPe was the first to get Android 4.4, before the unlocked and developer units and why the carrier devices are still on Android 4.3.

The infographic is massive and best viewed on HTC’s website, which you’ll find in the link below.



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