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HTC Desire with S-LCD screen meets one with AMOLED, they go head to head

As you might have heard AMOLED screens are in short supply. This has forced some manufacturers to switch to S-LCD even for existing models. HTC Desire is one of the affected phones and a side-by-side of the old AMOLED packing Desire and the new S-LCD one show how the two technologies stack up…

Reportedly, most people will have a tough time telling them apart but there are some differences. For example, the image on the AMOLED HTC Desire is more bluish while the S-LCD screen shows a yellow tint.

HTC Desire with S-LCD on the left, AMOLED on the right

Colors on the AMOLED screen are more vibrant and it seems brightness is a bit higher than the one of its S-LCD counterpart, which however has a more accurate color representation. The black levels seem pretty much equal, at least judging by the photos.

S-LCD on the left, AMOLED on the right • S-LCD on bottom, AMOLED on top

Still, the S-LCD screen on the HTC Desire has a slight edge in sunlight legibility. It also offers some improved power usage in the general case (though AMOLED gains an advantage if displaying mostly black images). LCD screens consume less power when displaying all-white content.



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