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HP TouchPad Android port edges closer to completion, hardware acceleration now enabled

After the fire sale that HP had to mark the end of webOS as we know it, the TouchPad suddenly became a very important device. A lot of people took the $100 offer and are now hoping to get as much bang for their buck as possible. Something that the abandoned webOS won’t deliver, but an Android port might just provide.

And the good news, brought by its developers themselves, are that the said port has moved another step closer to its official release. The Cyanogen team released a new video demonstrating the 3D gaming capabilities of their Android-running TouchPad.

The team has enabled the hardware graphics acceleration under Google OS, allowing for some of the most demanding Android games to be played on it. Check it out on video.

If you were among the lucky fellas to get one of the discounted TouchPads you’re certainly very eager to see the final version of this hit your device. Unfortunately however, the developers say that it’s a bit too early for that. We are not even at the stage when an estimated release time could be provided.



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