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HP puts the final nails in Palm’s coffin, shuts down the Palm retail stores

Well, we knew this day was coming but one still can’t help but feel bad. After HP thought it had enough of Palm and decided to stop producing the phones and the TouchPad, it was only a matter of time before the retail stores that were selling these devices exclusively would be shuttered.

Before the shops were closes, however, HP did offer some tantalizing discounts on the remaining products to clear the stocks. On the last day, the HP Veer was being sold for $50, the Pixi for $25 ($15 each if you bought more than four) and the TouchStone was being sold for $2.50.

But that was then. The stores are now closed and the windows have signs that announce their demise to passersby. Well, it was nice knowing you Palm. Hopefully, webOS finds a good buyer that will do justice to the gem of an OS that it is.



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