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HP drops TouchPad price to $99, suddenly everybody wants one

If you were wondering what would happen to all those TouchPads sitting in warehouses after HP decided to abandon webOS, you now have the answer. HP just announced a mouth-watering discount on the ill-fated tablet, with the base 16GB model now costing a mere $99 and the 32GB for $150.

Of course this means that now everybody wants one. Most places that were accepting bookings for the device are now flashing the ‘Out of Stock’ sign and you would have to be lucky to get one. That’s just for the online stores though. Starting August 20, you can get the TouchPad at the new price in brick and mortar stores, but again, only if you get there in time cause I believe there will be quite a demand for these at those prices. But if you do get one it would be quite a steal. The TouchPad may not have done so well but it still is a decent tablet and for that price is terrific value.

Makes you wonder if HP had just sold the TouchPad at launch at a lower price, they wouldn’t be in this situation today. I’m not necessarily talking about selling it for $99 but even if they had sold it for something like $299 from the start the TouchPad would have had a lot more users today. Sure, they would have incurred some losses but it would have been a fair price to pay for decent user base and developer support. I hope the Android tablet manufacturers learn something from this.



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