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Here’s the proof that the LG Optimus Black running WP7 is fake

Do you remember that news about the LG Optimus Black running Windows Phone 7? Well, as many of you guessed it, it’s faker than fake. The phone is not running WP7, but a specially created prank demo app that just looks like it – it’s not even a full featured launcher.

As it turns out, the Optimus Black was running an app, called aPhone 7 3D, which is available on the Android Market for free.

Unfortunately, this is not a homescreen replacement, just an amateur app imitating a UI overhaul.

Anyway, if you fell for it (some of us did), you can try fooling somebody else too, though in real life it looks kinda lame. Just go to the Android Market and search “aPhone 7 3D”.



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