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Hasselblad announces H5D-200c MS, 200 megapixel medium format CMOS DSLR

Swedish camera manufacturer Hasselblad, known for its high-end medium format cameras, has announced the new H5D-200c MS. The H5D-200c MS combines the best of H4D-200MS and H5D-50c, with the ability to capture 200 megapixel ultra high resolution images with a medium format CMOS sensor.

The H5D-200c MS has a 50 megapixel medium format CMOS sensor. This is only the second Hasselblad camera after the H5D-50c to have a CMOS sensor, as the company has so far only made CCD sensor digital cameras. The camera is able to shift the sensor to take 4 or 6 shots and then combine them into a high resolution image that goes as high as 200 megapixels.

The H5D-200c MS is capable of shifting its sensor in 1/2 and 1 pixel increments and take multiple shots, which are then stitched together. Along with capturing more pixels, the sensor can also capture more color information, since moving the sensor in 1/2 and 1 pixel increments shifts the RGB pixels of the Bayer Mosaic filter pattern around so each pixel can capture all three color information instead of just one, which leads to less approximation in processing resulting in more detailed images that are also free of moire.

Hasselblad cameras are often used by studios for product photography (basically most of the fancy shots you see in product advertisements). With a sensor capable of generating 200 megapixel images, one can image how incredibly high resolution and detailed images one can come up with. Having seen a 200 megapixel image from the older H4D-200 MS (the actual resolution is 16352 x 12264 and the file size is around 573MB for the compressed TIFF file) with a staggering level of detail, I can only imagine how much better the new one is.

No pricing information has been announced so far for the H5D-200c MS.



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