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Spigen Apple iPhone 5s cases review

The Korean designer and manufacturer of smartphone accessories Spigen offers one of the most extensive collections of cases available for the iPhone 5s. The lineup covers everything from protective skins, all the way to rugged case offerings.

Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 5s cases’ designs have been carried over from the previous generation of the smartphone. Spigen, however, has freshened them up by adding new color options, including the Champagne Gold Collection to match the popular color scheme of the iPhone 5s.

Spigen Tough Armor case

The Tough Armor case for the iPhone 5s is the most rugged offering by Spigen. The cover is designed to go head to head with the popular OtterBox Commuter Series of cases for iPhone.

Spigen Tough Armor case live photos

The Tough Armor case is really elegant in the flesh. This is quite impressive, as many rugged cases tend look a tad too utilitarian.

Overall protection is superb. All four corners of the device are protected by air cushioned pockets which absorb casual drops with ease. Furthermore, the inner shell of the Tough Armor case features spider web pattern for shock absorption, while a 1.5mm protruding edge protects the phone’s screen in case it is the first to hit the ground.

Ergonomic are up to Spigen’s usual high standards. All covered buttons are easy to operate. The Lightning port and audio jack on the other hand, are not covered and therefore easy to access.

Spigen Slim Armor and Neo Hybrid cases

The Slim Armor and Neo Hybrid are among most popular cases offered by Spigen for the iPhone 5s. The duo strikes a perfect balance between looks, ergonomics and level of protection for the device.

Spigen Slim Armor case live shots

With a polycarbonate outer shell, the Slim Armor is the “tougher” choice from the couple. The outer shell is available in a range of colors, so you can pick between going understated and having your smartphone stand out.

The Neo Hybrid case on the other hand, features a matte black TPU enclosure and a colorful polycarbonate bumper enclosure. The latter adds a bit of visual character while keeping the overall appearance of the case pleasantly understated.

Spigen Neo Hybrid case live photos

Spigen Saturn case

The aluminum-clad Spigen Saturn Case is undoubtedly the most elegant offering for the iPhone 5s by the Korean company. The colors on offer are exactly the same as those of the iPhone 5s lineup, so the case integrates seamlessly to the overall appearance of the device.

Spigen Saturn case trades protection for elegance

The good looks and slim waistline of the Saturn case however, come at a price. The cover provides practically no shock protection – it is only good at keeping the iPhone 5s from casual scratches and not much else. If you are among those who often drop their iPhone, you will be better off looking elsewhere in Spigen’s lineup.

Wrap up

The iPhone 5s cases by Spigen successfully combine premium looks and build quality with affordable price tag. Anyone looking to dress their iPhone should certainly be taking a look at the Korean company’s lineup.

The Spigen offerings you see above are all priced between $21.99 and $29.99. You can find them in the manufacturer’s online store over here. Spigen’s Amazon outlet on the other hand, has most of the cases available with a much sweeter, sub-$20 price tag. The latter makes them even easier to suggest.


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