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Guy switches from Android to a Lumia, Nokia decides to film and share the whole story

Oh, this is a “Dear Diary” moment! Christopher Taylor of Glasgow got fed up with his clumsy Motorola Atrix and decided to go down Windows Phone path via the Nokia Lumia 800.

Nokia, being in dire need of good publicity, decided to film the freshly-converted Chris and post the story on YouTube. The nerve, right, on Google’s own turf!

Christopher gives some argumentation on the OS shift he made. He says that the Atrix wasn’t really fast, the software was “clunky” and the smartphone didn’t have much built-in. He likes and uses Nokia Drive all the time.

In Christopher Taylor’s eyes the Lumia 800 looks and feels a lot better than the outdated Atrix. He even goes on to slap BlackBerry along the way saying his sister had one and it crashed all the time. She now too has a Lumia smartphone, just in case you were wondering.

We’re not saying the guy was paid or anything but it is a popular opinion in the comments of the YouTube video. What do you guys think? Should he have gone with a more up to date droid (One X, Galaxy S III), an iPhone, waited for WP 8 or is the Lumia 800 the all-round best choice?



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