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GTA V on PC, PS4, and Xbox One to have first person mode, 4K support on PC

If you were waiting to play GTA V because it wasn’t available on PC or planning to purchase it again now that it is also arriving on the PS4 and Xbox One, there is some more good news (or news, if you are not into this stuff).

Rockstar has confirmed that the PC, PS4, and Xbox One version of the game will have a new first person mode. The game goes beyond just having a different camera angle but has been optimized for playing through first person mode, including new first person weapons mode alone with interior view of all the cars and other vehicles you will be driving.

Along with the new first person mode, PC gamers will also be treated to 4K resolution graphics and textures, provided they have a 4K monitor and a graphics card setup that can handle the game at that resolution.

The PS4 and Xbox One version of GTA V will be out on November 18 and the PC version on January 27, 2015.



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