Posted in:, Various Facebook page scores 100,000 likes

Today our Facebook page reached the 100,000 milestone and we thought it would be a good time to stop for a second and thank you guys for all the support. And the fact that cool 100,000 of you have expressed their support for us in the past year and a half is only a part of the story.

It’s also because of you, our loyal readers that we are now one of the largest cell phone websites worldwide – our servers are now serving close to 6 million pages per day. According to the independent internet statistic company Alexa, recently we even managed to become one of the top 500 websites globally.

It’s a demanding job (though it probably looks otherwise from outside), but seeing that our efforts are appreciated, makes it so much easier. So, once again, we’d like to say ‘Thank you’ and we hope we’ll keep seeing you around! We’ll keep giving our best in order for you to be as well informed when picking your next cell phone as possible.


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