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Grovemade Walnut iPad Air case flash review

The Grovemade Walnut case for iPad Air is designed to be a more distinctive alternative to Apple’s own Smart Case for the slate. As its name suggests, the high-end accessory is handcrafted in the United States from natural walnut.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Grovemade designs and creates accessories exclusively for Apple devices. The small company’s products use locally sourced materials (there’s plenty of timber in Oregon) and combine eye-grabbing design and high ergonomics.

All about it…

The Grovemade Walnut Case for iPad Air is crafted from Oregon walnut and Eastern Hardrock maple. It is also available in bamboo in case you like lighter shades of timber.

Grovemade Walnut iPad Air case in the flesh

The case features smart cover functionality that turns the iPad on and off when you open it. The cover has a suede-like lining to protect the display of the tablet.

There are three available standing positions for viewing and typing.

Using it…

Using the Grovemade Walnut Case for iPad Air is as straightforward as toting just about any flip cover for the slate. The case offers easy access to all the tablet’s ports; it covers the device’s volume rocker and power/lock key, but the wood buttons offer good feedback and tactility.

With thickness of about half and inch (a tad above 12mm), the cover is not overly bulky, especially considering the materials used in its making. It weighs 5.8 oz (164 grams).

The standing positions are easily adjustable and include one small-angle one, which is suitable for typing on the iPad Air’s display, as well as two larger-angle options for gobbling up multimedia.

Loving it…

The Grovemade Walnut Case for iPad Air is absolutely gorgeous to look at. In a world of predominantly TPU and polycarbonate-based tablet cases, the wooden cover stands out with its natural appearance and impeccable finish throughout.

Both the build quality and the tactility of the case are exceptional. Despite its luxurious nature, the cover is certain to keep the iPad Air intact in an event of a drop. The superb tactility on the other hand, makes handling the iPad an event every single time.

Despite the all-wood construction, the ergonomics of the case have not suffered. The Grovemade Walnut cover is as comfortable to use as any smart cover.

Hating it…

The Grovemade Walnut cover for iPad Air is prone to damage after a serious drop. To be fair however, this disadvantage applies to all phone and tablet cases made from exotic materials.

It’s expensive. At $129, the case does not exactly fall into impulse buy territory when it comes to mobile accessories. Its price tag however, is in line with what other makers are charging for similar high-end products.

Wrapping up…

The Grovemade Walnut Case for iPad Air is good-looking, solidly built, and amazing to hold. Most importantly, the cover’s unique materials and build have not affected its functionality and ergonomics – the Walnut case is as easy to live with as any of its competitors. I therefore find the cover easy to recommend to anyone who likes natural materials and has the budget to pick one up.

The Walnut case for iPad Air is available to order directly from Grovemade.


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