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Gresso creates aluminum and titanium cases that protect the iPhone 6 from bending

The fact that the new iPhone 6 Plus is prone to bending has been all over the Internet lately, as you probably know. Now though, one company claims to have developed a solution for the problem. Said company is Gresso, maker of all things luxurious, which has announced an aluminum case for the iPhone 6 that should make bending it a lot harder.

The case increases the amount of force needed to deform the iPhone from 70 lbs to 300 lbs. It has a 2mm back panel made out of CNC machined aluminum, and is touted as being “highly resistant to stress, compression, and bending”.

The case’s back and its front (which protects your iPhone’s sides) snap together using a magnetic lock system, which makes putting your iPhone in it and taking it out very easy. Gresso says its case has a minimalist design that fits and complements that of the iPhone 6, but in the end you’ll be the judge of whether that’s true or not.

The aluminum Gresso case for the iPhone 6 will be out in October for a yet unspecified price. There’s also going to be a version of this case made from grade 5 titanium, with 18K yellow or white gold. This particular model will start at $2,000 (with free worldwide shipping). Pre-orders for it will go live on October 1 on Gresso’s website.


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