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Grand Theft Auto San Andreas hits iOS

Rockstar recently announced that the mobile version of the GTA San Andreas will be coming to iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The action packed blockbuster is now officially available for the iOS platform.

The Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for iOS comes with a high-resolution graphics that has been designed exclusively for mobile platform. The lighting and color palette in the game has been enhanced along with the character to improve the overall experience on your iDevices.

Rockstar has also enhanced the dynamic shadows and real-time environmental reflections for fourth-generation and above iPads and iPhone 5 series, taking advantage of their more capable chipsets.

You can also save your game on the cloud and play it across all your iOS devices with the Rockstar Social Club membership. There is a dual stick control for camera and other movements along with different control schemes also available to match your preferences.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is currently available in the New Zealand app store for a price tag of $9.99. The game is expected to hit the other app stores across the globe later in the day.



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