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GoPro app goes live for Android

If you own a GoPro camera, then you’re familiar with its abilities to capture all the cool stuff you do on the go, and in full HD to boot.

The folks behind the GoPro HERO series cameras have just released an Android app which lets you control the camera from your Android-powered cell phone.

Much like it’s iOS counterpart (released last month), the app, simply called GoPro App, gives you full control over the camera and viewfinder, as well as options for video previews and daily highlights.

For now, only the HD HERO 2 camera equipped with the “WiFi BacPac” optional accessory is supported. If you’ve got one of the new HERO 3 cameras (lucky), then you’ll have to wait a bit longer as compatibility for the White and Silver versions of the HERO 3 will be available later this month, while Black Edition owners will have to wait until December. Furthermore, you Android smartphone will have to run Android 4.0 or better, as any version below that will get poor video streaming rates.

Check out the new app here, while iPhone users can check out the iOS app here.



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