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Google’s self driving car prototype ready for on-road testing

Google showed us an early prototype of its self driving car back in May. This was different from the self driving cars we had seen from the company before that, which were basically regular vehicles like the Toyota Prius with heavy modifications to make them drive themselves. This was something that was designed from the ground up for this purpose.

Since then Google has been working on refining the prototype and all its components and it’s now ready for road testing. The company will be testing the car on its test track during this holiday season and will begin road testing in Northern California in early next year. The cars will still be accompanied by the safety drivers who will oversee the vehicles to ensure if they work properly and control them manually if needed. Google has refined the appearance of these cars, with a smaller integrated module above the vehicle, and there are now actual working headlights on them.

Popular internet comic artist Matthew Inman recently had a go in the new Google car and he penned down his own experience with it. You can read it all here.



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