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Google Workshop: create custom cases for your Nexus 5

The Moto X has been getting a lot of love for it’s Moto Maker custom phone option, but what about customzing the main “strictly” Google phone- the Nexus 5?

Well Big G isn’t letting you change the body of the phone, but Google will be serving up customized cases for its latest Nexus phone with an upcoming service called Google Workshop.

Workshop will purpotedly allow you to concoct a protective case for your Nexus 5 handset based on your geographic location or any photo that you choose to upload; so there are infinite possibilities available to you. With the customized case, a live wallpaper for whatever image you choose is said to come as part of the deal.

Now there isn’t a set date as to when Google Workshop will let you start tricking out your Nexus 5 with custom cases, nor is there any indication as to how much it’ll run you. When it does drop, expect the app to go live on the Play Store, and we’ll let you know when it does.

In the meantime: does this seem like something you’d be interested in?

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