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Google working on next Android iteration, Ice Cream Sandwich, releases a new NDK

I know all the excitement about the Android names is so overrated, but still I’m going to pass you the news. The next Android version (whatever 2.x/3.x it turns out) won’t be called Ice Cream… but Ice Cream Sandwich. Yeah, for real.

The word comes directly from the Android chief Andy Rubin.

The name change was probably necessary because the Ice Cream sculpture would have been too similar with the Froyo one (you know, those statues from Google’s front lawn). Sounds like a real mouth-full, doesn’t it? I bet it won’t really stick.

Meanwhile Google released the Native Development Kit for Android, which allows the programmers to make Android apps without Java, using C/C++ only. This way the app quality and performance will be much better as most big titles already have C++ versions. In case you want to know more about it, follow this link.



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