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Google working on improving Chrome efficiency on Mac

If you used Chrome on Windows and then on Mac, you’d notice there is a sea of difference between the two. While it is arguably the best browser to use on Windows, on OS X it feels like a bloated mess that just burns through your battery at an astonishing rate for no good reason.

It seems Google is well aware of this issue, so it is working on improving the efficiency of the OS X version. In a Google+ post, Google engineer clarified on a few things the company is doing to improve battery life on Mac.

One of things is to lower the priority of background tabs, which currently have the same priority level as the foreground tab, causing you to waste power on tabs that are not even in focus. Chrome also incurs higher CPU wakes and CPU usage while using Safari user agent compared to using Safari, which will now be dropped by 66% and fewer CPU wakes and usage, making it on par with Safari. There are also reduced timer firings to further reduce CPU wakes.

You can read more about it in the link below. Hopefully, the updates are released soon, along with other improvements to reduce memory usage.



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