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Google will flag faulty search results on mobile

It’s happened to all of us – searching on Google on our mobile devices, tapping an article result and getting redirected to the website’s mobile homepage instead of the article we wanted. Well Google’s noticed and will start flagging such faulty links in its English results in the US so that we know before we tap.

But aside from leaving a comment – “May open the site’s homepage” – Google will still give you a Try anyway button if you’re eager to tread into the unknown. We hope the new feature makes its way outside of the US soon.

Google isn’t stopping there – if it detects a link sends users to a site’s mobile homepage Google will send site owners a message on Webmaster Tools under the “Smartphone Crawl Errors” page. Google is urging people to see how their websites behave – either by using their smartphone or a browser set up to act like one.

Google even has a few ideas how site owners can fix those faulty links. For example you can use Webmaster Tools’ provided example URL as a starting point and fix from there. If a page on your website doesn’t have an optimized for mobile equivalent Google advises to keep users on the desktop version instead of redirecting to mobile. You can check out more ideas in the source link below.

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