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Google will block Play Store, AdWords, and AdSense use in Crimea starting in February

Complying with US sanctions on Crimea and following in the footsteps of Apple, Google will soon restrict the use of some of its services in the peninsula. Late last year the US government issued a new round of sanctions to retaliate against Russia’s annexation of Crimea, and this is the direct result of that.

Google can’t collect money for services from the peninsula, nor can it make payments to anyone over there. So the company will cut off services – some that will mostly impact businesses, such as AdWords and AdSense, but also one that will have an effect on ordinary citizens too, namely the Play Store.

Reports say that Google will be ending Google Play services in the peninsula, both paid and free, starting on February 1. This will affect free apps as well because Google thinks that allowing people to install apps could be classified as exporting stuff into Crimea, which thanks to the aforementioned sanctions is now prohibited for US companies.

Search, Gmail, and Maps will not be impacted by this move, so at least some of Google’s services will remain available for those in Crimea.

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