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Google Voice search gets updated, adds personalized results

The Google dev team just announced an update to their Voice search application for Android. Available for devices running version 2.2 (Froyo) or later the new version introduces personalized voice recognition, which should rapidly improve the number of successfully recognized search queries. What that means is that Google will pre-record your own voice so the service gets better in recognizing your voice commands.

To activate personalized search for Google Voice you need to make the update and tick the check-box in the settings menu. One started, personalized recognition associates the recordings of the words that you want to search with your Google account. Google then builds a custom speech model for you that should allow it to deliver greater recognition accuracy. According to the developers improvements begin fairly quickly and will build over time.

The new app should also offer improvements to name recognition and overall speed, especially when you’re using a 3G or an EDGE connection.

The only downside is that there in only one language (English) and one country (US) supported at this stage. More should follow pretty soon, though.



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