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Google updates Chrome for desktop and Android

Google has released updates for Chrome across the board with a new version for Windows, OS X and Android respectively. On the desktop, Chrome, now updated to v22, gains the Mouse Lock API, which lets you play games inside the browser window without having to worry about the mouse pointer escaping the window or bumping into the sides. Basically the pointer will be locked to the window of the browser. You can try it out with this demo.

Other changes include additional enhancements for the upcoming Windows 8 and improvements for HiDPI or Retina display users on the new MacBook Pro.

On the Android side, Chrome, now updated to v18, adds support for devices running on Intel’s x86 architecture. Right now there are only a handful of those, with the Motorola RAZR i probably being the only one running Ice Cream Sandwich right now (and thus can support Chrome).

Although not a particularly fresh piece of news, Google also updated the iOS version of Chrome a few days ago and added support for iOS 6 and the new iPhone 5.

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