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Google turns 15, announces upgrades to its search engine

Well, Happy birthday Google and Google Search! The search giant (along with its bread and butter) turned 15 this month but showed that it’s not just eating cake and celebrating – there was serious work done before the actual party.

Inside the same garage that spawned it in the far 1998, Google announced its new search algorithm, dubbed Hummingbird, which affects 90% of all searches, says Amit Singhal, senior VP of Google.

Hummingbird will be able to deal with longer queries and Google is trying to help it recognize simple and natural questions and not just keywords – for example “What smartphones have optical image stabilization”.

Also if you ask something about the London Bridge and then follow up additional questions, Google Search will be able to recognize context and you won’t need to say London Bridge every time – for example “How tall is the London Bridge?” and then “When was it built?”.

There’s also an update coming soon to Google Search for iOS which will bring improvements to the Calendar and Event cards in Google Now and also carry over reminders from iOS and Android (so you can see them regardless of the OS).



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