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Google tries to ruin Christmas with sad Santa and Snowman emoticons

As if it was not enough that Google skipped adding December for people’s anniversaries in Android 4.2 (it was added later with an update), Google is now trying to ruin Christmas with these depressing Santa and Snowman emoticons.

In what is possibly the most amusing issue submitted to Google’s forums, a user has written a post complaining (jokingly, of course) about the depressing emoticons built-into the latest version of Android. If you enable the Emoji keyboard from the device’s settings, you can enter emoticons using a special keyboard in Android 4.2. Except the ones for the Santa and even the Snowman come with a rather glum expression.

The person who submitted the ‘bug’ has also proposed fixes for it, with a happier image of Santa. There are also several other comments from people saying how their Christmas was ruined after looking at the emoticons and are asking Google to fix them soon.

You can check out the whole hilarious thread here.



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