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Google tracks Santa once again, introduces kids to coding

Google has had a long history of offering tailored holiday experiences and contributing to festivities, especially around this time of the year. Google’s Santa tracker will again allow kids and holiday spirited parents to keep tabs on jolly old saint Nick as he goes about his Christmas activities.

The experience is now more interactive that ever, with users getting a chance to not only follow Santa on his trip around the world on Christmas eve, but to visit a fully interactive, animated HTML5 version of his famous North Pole village. The small snowy community is complete with everything from reindeer to elves and decorations, all created in a very slick and whimsical art style that, as one would expect, is very much in tune with current Google design language.

The website is filled to the brim with interactive multimedia content. Kids can enjoy entertaining web-based games that are both entertaining and educational. Clicking on the globe inside the village, for example brings up stories about different Christmas traditions around the world. Google also plans to unveil a new experience every day up until Christmas, much like a traditional holiday calendar, but instead of chocolates kids will be able to learn Santa’s name in different languages and even solve a simple JavaScript coding task, all in an engaging and fun manner.

A lot of features from last year’s Santa tracker are also present. The much beloved tracking feature is now even better with Chromecast support, which will allow the whole family to go along with Santa on his annual one night trip around the world.

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