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Google to rebrand Picasa and Blogger and deleting all private Google profiles

Google really wants its Google+ social network project to succeed. So much so that the company will be rebranding its popular Picasa and Blogger services in order to help the promotion of the Facebook competitor.

Apparently Google will be trying to solidify its brand name by renaming Picasa “Google Photos” and Blogger “Google Blogs”. Rumor has it that other services might be affected too, though YouTube will remain as it is for the time being.

The re-branding of Picasa and Blogger will take a month to month and a half to complete so it might not be finalized by the time Google+ launches officially. Rumor has it that the service will become publicly available on 31 July.

By the way this is the exact deadline that all Google Profile owners have to make them public. The company feels that private profiles aren’t serving the purpose they were meant to (“to enable you to manage your online identity”) and will be deleting all profiles that are listed as private at the start of next month.

The good news is that your name and gender are all the details you are required to share to make your profile public, while the rest of your profile might still be marked as inaccessible if you wish.

Your thoughts? Will you be joining Google+ or are you sticking with Facebook? Or maybe you’ll try and handle both at the same time?

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