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Google Suggest on mobile Goole page gets Universal Search features

Google’s search has grown many more features beyond searching – a calculator, a currency converter, you can also check the weather and more. These features are integrated into Google Suggest (the desktop version), so you don’t even have to wait for the search results page to load.

Now, this same integration is coming into the mobile version of the Google home page…

The idea is simple – as you’re typing, Google will suggest appropriate queries (e.g. typing “lond” will suggest “London”). But if you were typing “weather lond”, the weather forecast will appear at the bottom of the suggestions.

This should speed up such queries quite a bit – you don’t need to wait for the search results page to load, which depending on network conditions can take a while.

Also, you don’t need to type out the query, which is also a decent speed up if you only have a virtual on-screen keyboard. Of course, you could just tap the auto-completed suggestion, but the important thing here is that they are shaving off seconds from something that takes just several seconds already.

Currently, the supported browsers include the Android Browser (naturally), Mobile Safari and the WebOS browser. Unfortunately, it seems to be US only for now.

To try it, you only need to visit the Google homepage on your phone.



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