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Google to shut down ‘Chrome to Mobile’ and ‘Print to My Phone’

Google will soon be shutting down two useful Chrome features In February. The first is the highly useful Chrome to Mobile extension for Chrome, which allowed you to push any open page in Chrome directly to the Chrome mobile browser. Print to My Phone is part of Google Cloud Print and worked similarly to Chrome to Mobile.

Google mentions on its support page that both the services will be shut down early February 2015 and that users should instead switch over to Chrome Tab Sync. While tab sync works, it’s not instant the way Chrome to Mobile was, where you have to open the mobile browser and wait for it to finish the background sync before your open tabs appear in the browser.

Of course, there are alternatives such as Pushbullet, which one can use to push open tab to the mobile but it was nice to have the functionality without having to install yet another app on your phone.



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