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Google shows off paged notifications for Android Wear

Google is releasing info and video tutorials for developers to get them ready for the Android Wear platform. One of the recent tutorials details how notifications on a wearable will be richer than the ones in the notification area of your phone.

Android Wear notifications will feature pages – side-swipeable screens that will offer additional info and functionality.

Developers can watch the video below for a quick tutorial of how they can update their apps to use the new Pages feature. One use (shown above) offers playback buttons on its multiple pages.

Existing apps will continue to work just fine without modification – notifications will automatically be sent to the Wear device, they just won’t have pages.

We’re yet to see an Android Wear device, Samsung’s, Sony’s watches, the Pebble and others all run on proprietary systems. The Moto 360 and LG G Watch will be some of the first Wear watches to hit the market.

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