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Google releases their awesome Google Translate as an app for the iPhone

Google has just released their official Google Translate a separate translate app for the Apple’s iOS. It’s a must have one for quick translations on the go, so please, open your AppStore and take it. You can even speak aloud what you want translated.

The new Google Translate app is much similar to the recently updated Android one. It supports both voice and text input as well as voice and text translations. But the thing that surprised me the most is the incredible accuracy.

Google Translate for iOS supports 15 languages for voice input and more than 50 for text oneinput. Whatever your input is, you can have your translation in more than 50 languages as text and even listen it loudthe correct pronunciation in 23 of them. This app brings us one step closer to the breaking through the language barrier.

The interface is very simple and intuitive, there is even an option for full-screen view. That way there will be no UI part to distract the person you’re communicating with.

I’ve tested a few voice input languages – English, German, Spanish and Russian, and I am stunned. Both the voice recognition and translation were perfect at most of the time, proving the Translate is one of the worthiest apps in the Apple’s AppStore.

There is one disadvantage though – the app requires internet connection all the time, because all the voice recognition and all the translations are done on the Google servers. So if you are abroad and you want to use the Translate, you should definitely look for a need a Wi-Fi connection or pay some heavy roaming data charges.

You can get the new Translate right now from the AppStore worldwide, works on all iDevices.



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