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Google Play Store updated to v5.0, gets more Material Design elements

Google has started rolling out v5.0.31 of the Play Store for Android. The major difference here is in the UI, and it’s approximately 600% more Material Design now.

First up, the action bar on top is now teal (or something close to that) with a new side menu and a cool animation for the hamburger button. The side menu shows the same items now, but the font is smaller.

In app lists you’ll find that the color of the action bar now applies to the categories below as well. As for the app pages, the ‘What’s New’ section is now at the top with highlight and stays at the top instead of going all the way down when you tap the ‘Read More’ button for description.

Other than that I’d say it more or less looks similar with minor design changes here and there. The update has started rolling out but as usual could take days or weeks before it reaches you, so might as well just head over to the source link below and download the APK now.



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