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Google Play Store gets smarter, provides app recommendations based on what you and your friends use

Google has added a new feature in the Play Store application on Android that should appear automatically when you launch the app. You will notice there is a new ‘Recommended For You’ section right on the featured page along with other categories.

Clicking this category opens the Recommended Apps section, where you will find a list of a whole bunch of apps selected based on the apps that you have downloaded in the past and the apps that your friends have been +1′ing.

You will see the reason below each app title as to why it’s there in the list and on the side you will see its cost as well as a button to remove it from the list. Thankfully, when you click on an app and then go back, you are not taken to the top of the list like in the My Apps section.

The feature is now live and should be available to anyone regardless of the location or the version of the Play Store app.


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