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Google Photovine lands at the Apple App Store, tells its story

Google’s new photo-sharing service Photovine has just landed in the App Store. Strangely enough, Google has picked iOS over its own Android to be the carrier of the first mobile app of its new service.

So here’s the deal with this new social/photo service that Google is launching. You can create vines of photos by uploading one and giving it a caption. Your friends are than able to add more shots to the vine, making it a constantly growing album.

Of course, each of the photos can have a description of its own, but all of them share a single title. Google describes this as “a fun way to learn more about your friends, meet new people and share your world like never before”

We’d have to wait and see if this one takes off, but the idea certainly sounds interesting. If you feel like joining you should go to the Photovine website and apply for an invitation. You will certainly need it to put that new iOS app to some use.



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