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Google offers 2GB of Drive storage for a quick security checkup

Google has always put high emphasis on security. Seeing how most everybody nowadays has a Google account it is only natural for the tech giant to constantly take steps to secure its primary asset and source of income – its users.

But rooting for proper online behavior and aiding with security concerns all over the internet means little if Google can’t be sure that their own subscribers are safe. Naturally there are several tools available to users for improving Google account security and in order to promote their frequent usage and spread the word the company is now offering 2GB of free additional Drive cloud storage to anyone who takes the time to run their security checkup.

The process itself is very simple and straight-forward and should not take more than a couple of minutes. Besides the additional online storage running the tool can also reveal interesting holes in your personal security and if nothing else will allow you to do a quick overview of your recovery details and make sure that everything is nice and up to date.

The promotion itself will be available until February 17. Simply running the tool before then will make you eligible for the free storage update, which in turn will roll out on February 28.

So be sure to take the time to review and confirm your online security, apps, devices and personal information for a bit of extra reassurance while you’re online.

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