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Google Now will wake you when you’re at your bus stop

One of the best parts of commuting on a bus or a train is the ability to do pretty much whatever you want while someone else takes the wheel. You can read a book, play games on your phone, or take a nap. But if you miss your stop…it sucks.

Well the latest update to Google Now will alert you when you’ve reached your stop, giving you one less thing to worry about in your day.

Google Now has been steadily adding a bevy of useful features, giving you relevant game scores, popping up travel times to your work and home at the corresponding relevant times during the day. It’s an exercise in automation and the anticipation of your needs that you will either love or hate.

The latest feature, however, could be a real-life saver for commuters. Keep your headphones plugged in and sleep away, that’ll help to ensure that you get home on time, even if you’re sleepy and/or not entirely sober.

Are you a frequent commuter with an Android phone? Well, check out the new commute alert feature and let us know how it has been working for you in the comments!



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