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Google Now and Siri beat Cortana at answering tough questions

Now that all three major mobile platforms have their own personal assistants, we’re all wondering how well each of them performs at different tasks. The latest study doesn’t look good for Cortana, Microsoft’s attempt in this space.

This particular test is all about tough questions. Google Now, Siri, and Cortana were all asked difficult things, through a random question generator created by two developers.

And the results can be seen in the image above. Google Now fared the best, though only managing to answer one third of the questions it got. Siri was able to answer a bit over one fourth of the questions, while Cortana was in bad shape in this particular test, topping out at 11.7% of questions.

If you’re wondering what kinds of questions we’re talking about, one example is “what causes Alzheimer’s?”, another is about whether radon is an actinide, and there are many more – there’s an extensive database of tough questions that feeds the random picker that was used for this test.

Even though Google Now won and Cortana lost this challenge, it’s safe to say that none of the three personal assistants managed to impress. We’re wondering how long it will take for at least one of them to go past the 50% mark when answering such tough questions.

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