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Google Now adds support for sending Hangouts messages with your voice

Google Now, or to be specific, the Google Search app on your Android phone will now let you send messages over Hangouts simply using your voice.

In the latest feature to be enabled server side, Google Search app now includes Hangouts integration. So now you can just say “Okay Google” followed by “Send a Hangouts message” and then your message. It will then ask you whom you want to send the message to followed by your message before you can send it.

Well, that’s how it works in theory anyway because I was personally unable to get it working on any device as of now. Perhaps it requires a specific version of Google Search or Hangouts (I had the latest ones from the Play Store installed while testing) or I’ll have to wait a bit longer for it to be enabled server side for my device.

Either way, it’s a convenient feature and hopefully it also makes its way to Android Wear.



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