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Google Nexus S Challenge 2 is on, there are seven Nexus S phones up for grabs

Google is holding another challenge to promote its Nexus S phone through Twitter. The challenge starts today and the first puzzle is already up. There are 7 Google Nexus S phones lined up as prizes for the winners – so, can you solve the puzzle?!/googlenexus/status/63748476701388800

If you’re the creative type, there will be an essay and photo challenges to come…

The contest will run for ten days and people from a number of countries can participate – you can check out the list of countries and the full rules here. Each day there will be a new challenge – a puzzle, essay of photo challenge.

Answering first is important for puzzle challenges, so you better be quick. Being quick is not enough though, you have to be accurate too. Essay and photo challenges will be judged by their creativity, originality, humor and how well they use the limited space of 140 characters.

Here’s the first puzzle:!/googlenexus/status/63951434386898944

Can you solve it? If the answer is yes, you better start following @googlenexus on Twitter and read the submission rules – there just might a brand new Google Nexus S in your future. Good luck!



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